Our target for Thailand was to meet a man called Jon Jandai from Pun Pun Village but sadly he was in America spreading inspiration, have a look at his goodness here, "Life is Easy" well worth the time to watch.  Lucky for us we got to spend time with an amazing woman who became the highlight of our time in Thailand. Thongmai creator of Earth Home. After years of working in the busy city of Bangkok she dragged her family back to her village north of Thailand in Baanpao, Maeteang, Chiang Mai. Thongmai's goal, to live stress free, eat good honest food, and support her people with knowledge, expertise and passion. 
Ten years on Thongmai has created what we have dreamed about for years, FREEDOM!  We highly recommend searching her out if your ever in Thailand with the hope it will inspire your life like it did ours. Until that day comes, here is our video of a woman and family we will never forget.  PS Her husband did go back to the village with her and the whole family couldn't be happier :)